Destiny's Design

Heaven's Blueprint For Ultimate Success And Fulfillment


By: Betty Stam

Vulnerable mountains reaching to the sky,
Clouds of snowy cotton in crystals lakes that lie,
Exquisitely tinted scarlet leaves of fall,
Finest fairy snow-stars, 'twas God who made them all.

Every gem of nature delightful to the eye,
From the myriad's of sparkling stars to little moths that fly.
With that perfect sense of beauty that everywhere we see,
The might God created, by saying "Let there be."

But when the world was finished, and everything thereon,
The silver moon to rule by night, by day the golden sun
Though all the earth was Eden, our God was not content;
Creation lacked the master for whom it had been meant.

Then God in all His wisdom, created mortal man.
He made him in His image, but a little than
The bright celestial beings who watched in praiseful awe
Creation's every creature obey the Father's Law.

And thus was the latest and best of all God made.
Of Him the choicest gifts a heart, a mind, a soul were laid;
The power of understanding (though dimly now, 'tis true)
The wondrous God, and what we owe Him, I and you.

A feeling of relationship, of partnership with God,
Was given man, to raise from just a common clod;
Thoughtfulness for others, a responsibility
To help his fellow creatures, God gave especially.

So Adam was created, the father of the race,
Endued with intellect and soul, as well as strength and grace,
For a faithful wife and comrade, God gave him lovely Eve,
And the couple as the stewards over all His earth did leave.

I thank Thee, Heavenly Father, for the beauties Thou hast made:
For the quiet rust of twilight when the glowing colors fade,
For the softness of a petal, for the singing of a shell,
For the pounding of the ocean waves, more grand than tongue can tell;
For the tender heart of women, for the noble strength of man,
For the soul that every mortal has received since life began,
Lord, with grateful thanks I dedicate my very all to Thee,
Placing 'neath Thy supervision what Thou first hast given me.