stories of the old times

Just Like in the Days of Noah

"Tell me once again, grandfather, about your father and how he walked with God." Young Noah loved to hear the stories of the old times from his grandfather Methuselah. He was eager to know every detail and his grandfather could paint an extremely vivid picture. Besides, the old man loved to revel in the young lad's desire for the knowledge that he was more than willing to share. Most of the youth, these days, didn't seem to care about times past. They were preoccupied with the present and how much enjoyment they could get out of life. They lived like there was no tomorrow and acted as though they would live forever.

The old man could see the changes, which had taken place during the 386 years of his life, were definitely not for the better. The heart of mankind was growing darker with the passing of each successive generation. This downward spiral was only to be expected as people chose to distance themselves from the Creator. This is why it was always so refreshing to converse with the seventeen-year-old youth, whose name meant 'comfort'.