prayer life

Love Never Fails

The Lord continues to amaze us as we recognize His hand in daily events in our lives and those around us. "Every time we pray, something happens." These are the words of Jim Moore, the director of the Salem House of Prayer. As we begin to approach our prayer life from this perspective, we'll attach more significant value to our times of prayer. We understand our God as the faithful Father, so we know time spent in His presence is never wasted. If we realized every time we pray, something happens, what would that do to our level of expectation.

Most of us have heard the famous question, "What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?" How about this? What would we pray for, if we knew it would be answered? Or this? What would we believe for, if we knew God would do whatever we asked? And finally this? How earnestly and diligently would we pray, if we knew our answer was on the way? This is exactly what prayer is all about. Our Father delights in doing wonderful things for His kids, just like any earthly father would.