The Plan of the Ages Unveiled

The sense of anticipation, among the members of the guardian guild, was extremely intense. They were gathering to attend this important meeting called by the grand high council. In the recollection of the attendees, there never was a time when such urgency was associated with an event. There was a frenzy of speculation, circulating among the guild members, concerning the intent of this gathering. As everyone in attendance would soon discover, the reason for this meeting was beyond the wildest theory anyone had yet contrived.

The amphitheater where the guild members were assembling emanated in every direction, as far as the eye could see. It was a circular structure, with a gradual upward incline as each row radiated away from the center. The layout of amphitheater allowed for perfect visibility, throughout the entire structure. The center contained an arena with a platform, upon which the members of the grand high council were now positioning themselves.

Guild members were swooping in from every direction as they arrived from every corner of the cosmos. Each member settled into his seat, as the appointed time was nearing. There was a specific rank and order attached to the members of the angelic realm. They all knew their place and always performed with the utmost of precision. This was truly a well-polished throng, which now filled this heavenly grandstand.

Trumpets announced the entrance of the council governor, also known as the Ancient of Days, along with his attendants. Everyone in the amphitheater, snapped to attention in honor of this premier magistrate. The governor moved to center of the platform and ascended the stairway to a very ornate throne. There were thrones for everyone on the platform, arranged according to the status and rank of the individual for whom they were reserved. None of them, however, as imposing or elegant as the one on center stage.

As the governor stood in front of his throne, preparing to be seated, thunderous applause and cheering filled the entire amphitheater. It was glorious to behold as lightning and all the colors of the rainbow emanated from the throne. When the governor sat down, he signaled for everyone else to do likewise.

The secretary of the grand high council took the floor and everyone was listening in anticipation of what he was about to disclose. He was carrying a magnificent looking scroll, which he unrolled with the utmost care. The scroll contained details of a very elaborate plan and it was very evident that much care went into its preparation. The secretary could scarcely contain his excitement as he began the presentation of the ages.

"The location for the new world has been selected," he began. "This scroll contains the creation plan in its entirety. This world will contain an infinite number of life forms, which defy description. The environmental biosphere will be prepared in advance and will contain everything required to sustain life on every level. Each individual life form will have access to an abundance of resources, to thrive within the realm of its existence. Each life form will contain an embedded code, to control the operation of each functional component within the organism. One of the functional components integrated into every life form, will be the ability for it to reproduce after its own kind."

This last statement was unprecedented. Up to this point, everything in creation came into being by direct intervention of the creator himself. It sounded as though this new world was going to be somewhat self-sustaining. It seemed like the creator would be duplicating some of his creative powers within the dwellers of this new world. Giving life forms the power to duplicate themselves was a groundbreaking creative innovation indeed.

The secretary was beaming with delight as he continued his presentation. "The higher level life forms will have different roles in the reproductive process and will be designated as male and female. Each role in this process will be crucial to the thriving and multiplication of the individual species."

"The highest life form in this new world will be given complete authority to rule over all the other inhabitants within this world's biosphere. This life form will be our highest creation and will be patterned after the image and likeness of the creator himself."

This disclosure caused a perceptible hush upon everyone in attendance. Authority within creation were familiar concepts. Yet, the idea of recreating the pattern of the creator in individual life forms was too mind boggling to ponder.

The secretary paused as a huge vault was brought out unto the platform. The secretary continued, "Contained within this vault are the detailed blueprints to be embedded into the structure of each of these beings. This race of beings will be called human and collectively known as humanity."

"The highest purpose of the members of the guardian guild," he continued, "is to facilitate every aspect of creation within this new world. As always, this guild will continue to facilitate the highest purposes of the creator. This will include monitoring and protecting these new life forms, most importantly, the humans."

"Each of you will be assigned to an individual human at the moment they're conceived within the reproductive component of the female. You will receive a copy of the blueprint relating to the destiny of that particular human. From that point on, you will be the primary agent to implement the ordained plan for the human assigned to you. I'll directly oversee every aspect of each plan and I'll provide the resources to back you up."

Two members of the warrior guild swung open the door of the imposing vault, which occupied a significant area on the platform. As the secretary began retrieving several scrolls, he continued, "Each of these scrolls contains the blueprint detailing the plan and purpose of each human to ever occupy this world. Every human will be unique and fulfill a specific component of the divine purpose of the new world."

The secretary took an infinite amount of time disclosing every detail of each scroll contained within the vault. The members of each guild listened attentively to every segment of the secretary's presentation. Every minute detail of each blueprint was noted with due diligence. These blueprints carried the weight of divine proclamation and guild members did not take this lightly.

Divine proclamation implies direct publication of the will of the creator, disseminated throughout the entire realm of creation and held in highest esteem. The published blueprint of every human that will ever inhabit this new world was irrevocable, as far as the creator was concerned. Every guild member was fully aware of this fact. They embraced the commission to implement and enforce these proclamations.

You may wonder, "If the plans, purposes and destinies of beings were proclaimed openly and publicly, why would these scrolls need to be secured in a vault?" The master copies are stored in a vault to prevent the possibility of tampering. Once a destiny was established, nothing or no one could do anything to change it, even the creator himself.

The vaults containing documents of every description were located in the repository of records hall. Members of the warrior guild were in charge of maintaining the overall security of the hall and the individual vaults. The messenger guild members were responsible for all aspects relating to documentation, transcription, retrieval and dissemination. The entire operation was overseen by the grand high council secretary.

As the meeting concluded, the elation over the revelation of the creator's plan had a marked effect over the members of the various guilds. One guild in particular did not take kindly to the plan.