Woman, Wife and Mother


The Greek word for "woman", is gyne, which also includes the meaning of the word "wife."

Woman shares, with man, the image and likeness of God (Genesis 1:26-27). That image permits human beings to relate on every dimension of personality (emotional, intellectual, spiritual, physical, etc.,). This makes them unique in all creation.


The Hebrew word isah is translated as "wife" and "marriage."

You are bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh (Genesis 2:23). The Hebrew expression "one flesh" suggests far more than sexual union. Husband and wife are united in their life on earth, sharing all experiences in their life together.

God provided the wife as a "suitable helper" (Genesis 2:20). The wife is suitable because she was created in God's image. The Hebrew word for "helper" means "a help," "a support" or "an assistant." This does not imply inferiority, since God is described as the helper of Israel and man's helper in all kinds of distress. God designed this intimate union between a man and women to not only populate the earth, but to meet the need of human beings for sharing.


God chose the wife as the vessel to bring about the miracle of life and she becomes a mother. In this way the mother plays a vital part in giving life to her children. When a woman chooses to share her life and her body to bring forth that new life, she becomes a partner with God, who forms that life within her. That partnership does not end with the birth of the child, but God meets the most critical needs of that child, through the mother. The special care and nurturing, which only a mother can provide, continues throughout childhood. Children never outgrow the nurturing part that motherhood provides, so mothers are rightfully held in very high esteem.

Thank you mothers, for being used of God to share the gift of life.